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Filter, MERV 16, Nano, Mobiflex 400-MS & Statiflex 400-MS


Top Features

  • MERV 16-rated (high efficiency) filter cartridge featuring nano fibers.
  • Supersedes KP1673-4.
  • Filters labeled with part number and contact information for easy replacement.
  • Includes dust mask, gloves and plastic bag (for spent filter).

MSRP: $452.00

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Accessory Details

Replacement for high efficiency filter included with K1741-4 Mobiflex 400-MS and K1742-2 Statiflex 400-MS. Filter class MERV 16 per ASHRAE 52.2. Filter can also be used in K1741-3 and K1742-1.

Net Weight 33.00 (14.97 kg)