Aluminum can be a challenging material for manufacturing, but not every manufacturer faces the same challenges.
That’s why Lincoln Electric offers three unique, feature-packed solutions tailored to a user’s specific needs, but all that include the essential attributes you should expect for success in welding aluminum.

The New Industry Standard
Built on a simple platform, the AlumaFab® multi-process system is easy to set up and easy to operate, yet rugged enough for any heavy-duty aluminum application. AlumaFab leverages key technologies available in all of our industrial aluminum platforms to overcome common welding issues like erratic feeding, arc instability and soot.
Connectivity Enabled
Intended for the manufacturer that needs a simple to use machine with expanded capabilities, the Power Wave® S350 welder allows you to access advanced processes such as Pulse-on-Pulse and Power Mode to customize the aluminum welding experience for your application. For an in-depth view into your welding operations, the Power Wave standard software options allow you to remotely gather productivity metrics, verify weld quality and supply reports to your customers. The Power Wave S350 allows you greater
control of your welding operation.
The Complete Solution
When your operation requires a machine that can handle the most challenging of aluminum applications, the
Power Wave S350 with Advanced Module package is the answer. This system is capable of multiple processes for Aluminum, including AC MIG and AC TIG. If large gaps or burnthrough are typical challenges you face, you’ll immediately realize the value of AC MIG. The Power Wave S350 with Advanced Module is also the ideal solution for robotic applications.