Mechanized Automation

Systems and Manipulators

Mechanized systems and manipulators are integrated welding solutions for submerged arc, MIG and FCAW and are ideal for automating repetitive welding operations.​

Tactile seam tracking systems deliver precise automated weld joint tracking for submerged arc, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW arc welding processes. Ideal for repetitive welding.

Lincoln Electric positioners are often combined with a manipulator to produce a work cell for high quality, efficient, automated welding applications.

Jaw chucks are suitable for the welding environment including single point cam operation of the jaws and adjustable quick change reversible jaws.

Motorized slide control systems allow for horizontal and vertical axis torch positioning for GMAW, FCAW and submerged arc welding applications.

A quality slide is essential for the proper alignment of the torch to the weld area. Assures accurate position with a smooth easy stroke.

Pipe support stands provide an ideal way to support long overhung pipes being rotated by positioners and headstocks and have a large stable base.

Turning rolls for hard automation welding applications feature a hand pendant with forward/stop/reverse, speed potentiometer, and “fast” button as standard.

Accessories for Welding Positioners and Manipulators

Automation accessories including options for welding positioners and manipulators to enhance the functionality of the work cell.