Mechanized & Orbital Welding

Automated mechanized welding systems and orbital digital systems are the ideal choice for GMAW and GTAW welding processes. The APEX® 3 digital systems provide intuitive control and continuous weld quality for all of your project demands.
Orbital Welding

The APEX® 3 Series digital, automated systems are multi-process, and can be adapted for GMAW (MIG), FCAW, GTAW (TIG) and Laser Welding. Each system provides continuous, precision weld quality.

From construction to process piping, our APEX® 3 series welding components can be added to an existing system as an upgrade, for greater versatility, and to extend the life of your welding system.

For joining pipes 6" and under, our APEX® 2 Series systems have been incorporated worldwide for superior orbital TIG with real-time accuracy and operator flexibility.

Find parts for your orbital welding system including APEX™ accessories and HELIX™ clamp shoes, control cables, drive rolls, upgrade kits, etc.

​Featuring a gear-driven, spring-loaded system for stable, consistent travel of the weld head, both track rings and flat track eliminate gear slip.