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Robotic Welding Systems

Pre-engineered and custom welding systems, integration of FANUC® robots, positioning equipment, Lincoln Electric robotic welding equipment and weld fume control systems


Custom welding and material handling solutions, including machining, tooling, system integration and engineering of advanced manufacturing systems

Cutting Systems

Hand-held plasma cutters, oxyfuel cutting systems, CNC plasma cutting tables, power sources and controllers, tube and pipe profilers and tube cutting machines, along with structural steel and shape cutting systems

Laser Welding

Laser welding, cutting, brazing, cladding, heat-treating, marking, etching or paint and coating removal laser solutions

Metal Forming

Tube bending, press automation, pre-and post-hydroforming automation process and project system integration

Mechanized Automation

Welding manipulators, positioners, turning rolls, column and boom, seamers, submerged arc single and tandem systems, engineering and pre-engineered systems.

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