VRTEX® ROI Calculator

The VRTEX® Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator provides an estimate of the potential savings through the use of virtual reality welding simulators in your welding training program. We have made it easy for you to calculate your ROI by developing the calculator. Simply enter your welding program usage and see your calculated savings.

Savings are achievable through:

  • Base material (coupons)
  • Welding gases
  • Welding wire and rod
  • Energy

Base Materials
Base Material Used Cost Per Coupon Number of
Coupons Used
Total Cost
10 Ga Plate $ $0.00
1/4" Plate $ $0.00
3/8" Plate $ $0.00
2" XXS Pipe $ $0.00
6" Schedule 40 Pipe $ $0.00

Consumable Used Cost Per lb Consumables
Used (lbs)
Total Cost
1/8" E6010 SMAW $ $0.00
1/8" E7018 SMAW $ $0.00
1/8" E6013 SMAW $ $0.00
0.035" ER70S-6 GMAW $ $0.00
0.045" ER70S-6 GMAW $ $0.00
0.045" E71T-1 FCAW-G $ $0.00
5/64" E71T-8 FCAW-S $ $0.00

Gases Used Cost Per CF Gases Used (CF) Total Cost
90% Argon 10% CO2 $ $0.00
75% Argon 25% CO2 $ $0.00
100% CO2 $ $0.00

Energy Cost Savings
Traditional Welding VRTEX®
Voltage (V) VRTEX® Voltage (V)
Current (A) VRTEX® Current (A)
Environmental Units (EU) On Time (Seconds)
Unit Input (V) Rate ($/kWh)
Unit Input (A) Environmental Units (EU)
On Time (Seconds) Cost to run EU $0.00
Rate ($/kWh)
Number of EUs
Cost to run EU $0.00

Calculated Savings
Calculated Savings
Total Base Material Savings $0.00
Total Consumable Savings $0.00
Total Gas Savings $0.00
Total EU Savings $0.00
Total Energy Savings
(Traditional Welding - VRTEX®)
Weld Savings $0.00

Disclaimer - Lincoln Electric provides the VRTEX ROI Calculator as a service to help customers estimate potential cost savings when purchasing and utilizing virtual reality welding training solutions. The estimates provided by the VRTEX ROI Calculator are provided solely to help determine whether to further investigate purchasing virtual reality welding training products.  The VRTEX ROI Calculator only provides estimates, which are not a guarantee of savings.  Various factors such as training program curricula, processes, equipment and operations may cause your actual savings to differ.