Weld Fume Control Extraction Hoods



Prism Extraction Hoods

The Prism exhaust hood is a modular system that manages fume extraction in your automation welding and cutting processes with cost-effective simplicity. The Prism exhaust hood’s modular design and extensive range of configurations enable you to customize your fume extraction system to fit your exact automation cell dimensions without sacrificing efficiency. In addition, you can maximize your fume management strategy by pairing your hood with a Prism or Prism Compact system.

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 Prism Extraction Hoods

Modular Extraction Hoods

Weld fume control and filtration in a flexible, attractive package.
Lincoln Electric’s new Modular Extraction Hood is engineered to contain and extract welding, cutting, arc gouging, and grinding fume from the work environment. Its innovative design brings a reliable and practical solution to the market. These units are ideal for robotic, hard automation and manual applications.

The Statiflex® Filter Bank is ideal for filtering fume and particulate generated by welding, cutting, arc gouging and grinding. Its higher efficiency, innovative cartridge cleaning system, and modular design make the Statiflex®  Filter Bank a more robust filtration solution for your metalworking operations.

 Modular Extraction Hoods Product Info


Modular Extraction Hoods 

Formed Extraction Hoods

Lincoln Electric Automation extraction hoods are the ideal solution for welding fume extraction on robotic cells. There’s a model for each of our pre-engineered cells or one can be customized to fit a non-standard cell. Available options for extraction hoods include interior lighting and preventive maintenance contracts.

For filtration of welding fume, a Statiflex® Filter Bank can be incorporated into the extraction hood design. The Statiflex® Filter Bank’s modular layout, higher efficiency and innovative cartridge cleaning system make it a robust filtration solution.

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 Robotic Extraction Hoods




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