Preventive Maintenance - Environmental

Preventive maintenance and repair is critical to ensuring your fume extraction systems are running efficiently.

Each service experience includes:

  • Clean and replace filters
  • Complete point-by-point check of all systems components
  • Certificate of inspection that identifies the items evaluated
  • Ensure all electric, pneumatic controls and equipment are operating efficiently


  • Helps equipment achieve a full service life
  • Helps reduce total operating costs
  • Supports a productive and hazard-free work environment
  • Increases system uptime and efficiency

Preventative Maintenance Service For:

  • Low Vacuum Central Systems
    • Extraction Arms
    • Modular Hoods
    • Downflex® 100NF
    • Cutting Tables
  • Circulator™ Systems
  • Push-Pull Systems

Preventive Maintenance Service Packages:

AD2411-1-12: 1 visit per year
AD2411-1-24: 1 visit per year (over 2 years)
AD2411-1-36: 1 visit per year (over 3 years)

AD2411-2-12: 2 visits per year
AD2411-2-24: 2 visits per year (over 2 years)
AD2411-2-36: 2 visits per year (over 3 years)