Welding Helmets

3350 Welding Helmets

VIKING 3350 Series, our top-of-the-line helmet series, provides the best optical clarity available in a welding helmet today and the largest viewing area in its class.

VIKING FGS™ Series, our most technologically advanced helmet series, features an integrated grind shield, side windows and industry leading optics.

2450 Welding Helmets

VIKING 2450 Series, the latest evolution in our highly successful mid-priced auto-darkening helmet line, offer improved headgear for greater comfort and flexibility.

1840 Series Welding Helmets

VIKING 1840 Series, our affordable helmet series, provides the best optical claritywith external control allows for quick and easy shade changes.

1740 Series Welding Helmets

VIKING 1740 Series auto darkening welding helmet is economically priced and is solar powered with battery assist - no on/off switch to remember!

The Viking™ Industrial Passive economically priced fixed shade helmet comes in a matte black finish and a decal sheet for customizing the shell to fit your personal style.

Unique protective alternative to a traditional welding helmet which features important similarities along with innovative advantages.

VIKING 2450 & 3350 series (4th generation) replacement welding helmet shells.

Helmet Replacement Parts

Find replacement parts for your welding helmet including lenses, cartridges, headgear, filters, and shades.