Door Frame Welding





Cutting door openings and welding doors frames to the cans are two of the most difficult tasks in wind tower fabrication. The steel is thick and curved, door frame sizes vary from tower to tower and the fit must be exact. Often, it’s responsible for delays in assembly because the cutting and welding frequently has to be done manually. Lincoln Electric offers several solutions for making this task easier:




Lincoln Electric is the only manufacturer that offers handheld subarc welding guns. Our K113 or K114 are capable of feeding flux and using wires up to 2.4 mm for maximum productivity and subarc quality.

Additionally, the K114 can be mounted on two different mechanized travel units to insure a uniform travel speed and bead appearance. Both torches are built to last and utilize a simple and compact design makes them durable and easy to maintain. Paired with our specifically engineered consumables, these torches provide a highly productive solution for door frame welding.



In addition to semi-automatic solutions for door frame welding, Lincoln Electric also offers a range of automatic welding solutions for door fabrication, including full robotic systems with laser tracking.