Hard Automation for Longitudinal, Flange, and Can Welding



As part of its integrated solutions, Lincoln Electric works with customers to provide custom systems to offer maximum productivity and efficiency. In order to provide the best in welding automation systems and workpiece handling equipment, we partner with a number of companies with specific expertise in related fields and, when appropriate, integrate their systems and equipment into a full welding solution, and provide single source responsibility for your total satisfaction.

Column & Boom, Rotators, Growing Lines

  • Single Source Responsibility
  • All sizes and capacities available
  • Fully integrated with Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD
  • Partner with leading equipment producers




During fabrication, it is imperative that the welding wire is always positioned correctly in the joint. Joint tracking and positioning systems from Arc Products™, a Lincoln Electric company, deliver precise joint tracking and wire positioning for the submerged arc process used in wind tower fabrication. The Seam Tracker tactile tracking systems, with the Motorized Slide Control System delivers precise automated joint positioning, using a tactile sensor, control circuitry and cross slide assembly. These systems are ideal for tracking the weld joint of cans that are not exactly round, or cans that tend to “walk” when rotated on a positioner.


  • 450 Ib. (204 kg) capacity 24 in. off of faceplate
  • Great for twin arc applications where loads extend outward
  • 24 ipm max correction rate
  • Standard stroke are:
  • 5 in. x 5 in.
  • 10 in. x 10 in.
  • Up to 60 in. available

Special Stroke Lengths are limited to 5in. increments



  • Tanks
  • Cladding and Hardfacing
  • Cylinders
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Beams and Stiffeners
    Wind Tower Sections