Equipment for Longitudinal, Flange, and Can Welding



The Power Wave® AC/DC 1000® SD is the power source of choice for the most efficient wind tower manufacturers.

It delivers Waveform Control Technology® to submerged arc welding. Software-driven AC, DC positive or DC negative output allows the user to control the deposition rate and penetration. The advantage over conventional power sources is higher deposition rates without an increase in heat input, increased weld speeds,improved mechanical properties, lower electrical energy consumption, and easy set up and controls in a single or multi-arc applications.

Today’s lean manufacturing environment demands accountability, constant monitoring and quality control. Lincoln Electric’s proprietary software makes it easy to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.


Lincoln Subarc Equipment Power Wave® AC/DC 1000 ® SD

  • Increased Deposition Rates
  • Faster Travel Speeds
  • Penetration Control
  • Improved Weld Metal Properties
  • Lower Electrical Consumption
  • Easy Set Up and Control of Multiple Arcs
  • Monitor, Record , and Verify every weld in CheckPoint™