Safety 411 Newsletter

For plant and safety professionals responsible for welding, cutting and fume control operations – find changing regulations, industry news and more. 

First Pass Newsletter

Specifically designed for welding educators and students – delivers information on welding and cutting solutions for training, curriculum, education news and more.

Automation NOW Newsletter

For welding and manufacturing engineers, automation technicians and plant supervision – find insights on welding, cutting and integration issues, industry trends and more.

The Building Block Newsletter

Find news impacting the construction and rental industry – includes trends, latest reports, how-to and maintenance tips, as well as products and events.

Intended for welding and manufacturing engineers looking for news on aluminum
alloys – includes aluminum market trends, technology advancements and more.

Learn how our customers benefited from purchasing fume extraction equipment and how to get your facility up to date with the latest in weld fume control.