October 2019 Environmental Spotlight


Prism™ Thermal Suppression

Our October spotlight story focuses on the Prism™ Thermal Suppression System. This system helps protect the Prism weld fume and cutting extraction system in the case of a thermal event with a simple extinguishing method. The Prism system is UL listed and FM approved.


The thermal suppression system is available in our 4-16 bank Prism configurations. It fixes the volume in the filter bank by closing the dampers as soon as the smoke detector is activated or detection tubing is ruptured. Once this occurs, the system releases the agent into the discharge piping, where it can fill the entire bank in around 10 seconds or less. The Prism system includes a strobe light that will signal in the event of a system discharge. Having these safety systems set in place allows customers to keep their employees safe, save money, and save valuable time.


If you have any questions about the Prism Thermal Suppression System, please contact me.

Brian Woodford

Associate Product Manager – Environmental Products Group

The Lincoln Electric Company

Office: (216) 383-2334

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