February 2019 Environmental Spotlight

Seeing is Believing!

Our February environmental spotlight is the Lincoln Electric Environmental Demo Room, located in the Automation Division on the Cleveland campus of Lincoln Electric. We wanted a place where we could house the majority of our product offerings in something as close as possible to a real-life setting. The room is an ideal place to show end users how Lincoln Electric’s Environmental products would look and function within their designated setting.

The Environmental Demo Room was carefully designed with our customers’ needs in mind. Whether you’re already at our Cleveland headquarters for a visit to the Automation Division, or if you just want to showcase our Environmental offerings, schedule a walk-through with one of our team members who would be happy to guide you through the room.

Customers who have come through the demo room have frequently noted that the upclose, hands-on experience of Lincoln Electric equipment – in a setting similar to their own processing environment – is extremely helpful in providing a sense of how well the products could be adapted to their specific applications.

Without proper context, visualizing our products in an application environment isn’t always easy. But we’ve taken the guesswork out of that experience. In the Lincoln Electric Environmental Demo Room, customers can now kick the tires before they make a purchase. The room includes all of our current plug-and-play products, a full push-pull system with the complete Guardian fire suppression system, a modular hood, our various arm offerings, and our newly launched Prism™ unit.

You are encouraged to visit our expansive Environmental Demo Room!

Lincoln Electric’s fume management team possesses the knowledge, expertise and design acumen to create customized applications for each specific customer and need. Feel free to reach out to one of our sales specialists for a proposal. The team consists of Paul Hannen, Matt Lehman, Mike Clemente and Steve Hill. The team can be reached at (888) 935-3878 Option 4.

Please let un know if you have any questions.

Brian Woodford
Product Manager – Environmental Products Group

The Lincoln Electric Company

Office: (216) 383-2334

Cell: (216) 312-4791