January 2019 Environmental Spotlight

Plasma Cutting is No Match for the Prism!

Our January spotlight customers are Dave Wilson and Cameron Parris from Cleveland Tank & Supply, who installed a Prism 4 extraction unit to remove fume from a newly installed high-volume plasma cutting table. The team was looking for ways to expand their operation, and was in need of a high functioning unit that could handle a tough plasma cutting operation.

What challenges were you facing and how was the Lincoln Electric Environmental team able to solve those issues?

Dave needed a unit that was quiet and effective, as previous units had been loud and not pulling an adequate amount of fume to keep the shop clean. He was encountering a high amount of haze and dust, which was resulting in quality issues later in the production process. Cleveland Tank has reported a 5-dB reduction in shop noise since the Prism began running. This sharp reduction resulted in Cleveland Tank transitioning from a “mandatory” earplug facility to a “recommended” earplug facility. Employees commented that the facility looks great, which has resulted in higher output, better quality as well as increased employee morale.

“Exhaust from the plasma table has vanished!” says Cameron. “The brownish haze we used to encounter in that area has disappeared!”

How has your Configured-To-Application (CTA) solution from Lincoln helped improve your day-to-day operation?

“The ease of operation, reduction in incidents involving human error, and reduced noise has allowed us to focus on other key areas of the operation,” says Dave. “We are now producing high quality products with fewer quality issues in a cleaner looking environment.”

Cleveland Tank has been a longtime Lincoln Electric advocate, and our newly launched Prism line of products is one more reason why the company relies on our expertise and responsiveness to ensure their shop is running at optimal efficiency.

Key contributors: Brian J. Sullivan (TSR), Mike Hollis (Operations Manager), Paul Hannen (Environmental Sales Manager) and Roberto Flores (Manager Field Service).

Lincoln Electric’s Fume Management team possesses the knowledge, expertise and design acumen to create customized applications for each specific customer and need. Feel free to reach out to one of our sales specialists for a proposal. The team consists of Paul Hannen, Matt Lehman, Mike Clemente and Steve Hill. The team can be reached at (888) 935-3878 Option 4

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