June 2019 Environmental Spotlight


Lincoln Electric Environmental Team:

Keeping it Simple for Educators

Our June spotlight cover is Donna Bastian from Erie High School in Erie, Pennsylvania, who purchased a 24-bank Statiflex® Filter Bank with a complete booth configuration. Donna’s welding area was severely damaged due to a fire in a neighboring classroom, which made it imperative that the redesigned space have the most up-to-date fume extraction offering.


“Lincoln Electric’s people are always there to help,” says Donna. “The team at Lincoln is always asking, ‘What can we do to help?’ Carl Peters and Marty Siddall were instrumental in making our remodeled lab a reality. They arranged for us to receive welders so we could ship them to a local training center. This allowed us to bus our students there and still weld during the remodel of our welding lab which suffered water damage. I can’t say enough about these guys and the entire team at Lincoln. They bent over backwards to ensure we had everything we needed. The support that comes with Lincoln products is unmatched. Roberto Flores came in and trained our team on the unit, and has been available anytime we have reached out to him.”


"What challenges were you facing and how was the Lincoln Electric Environmental team able to solve those issues?"

“The existing ventilation system was installed in 1957. It was a direct exhaust system through the ceiling and walls, and was not something the team or the administration wanted to keep. The room never looked clean, and it discouraged me from recruiting kids into the program. Since the installation of the new fume extraction system, the program has exploded!”

"How has your Configured-to-Application (CTA) solution from Lincoln Electric helped improve your day-to-day operation?"

“Enrollment is up, production is up, the smell of welding has been reduced and fire alarms are no longer going off due to the fume spilling into the school itself.”

Key contributors: Marty Siddall (Sales), Carl Peters (Director of Technical Training) and Roberto Flores (Manager Field Services).

Lincoln Electric’s fume management team possesses the knowledge, expertise and design acumen to create customized applications for each specific customer and need. Feel free to reach out to one of our sales specialists for a proposal. The team consists of Paul Hannen, Matt Lehman, Mike Clemente and Steve Hill. The team can be reached at (888) 935-3878 Option 4.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Brian Woodford

Associate Product Manager – Environmental Products Group

The Lincoln Electric Company

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