March 2019 Environmental Spotlight

 Quick and Simple Maintenance!

Our March environmental spotlight features the Prism™ Filter Maintenance Video. This short video shows just how easy it is to run and service the recently launched Prism fume extraction system. To learn more about the Prism, please visit the web page here

The Prism fume extraction system was designed for heavy fabrication welding automation cells, welding education facilities, and general/heavy fabrication plants. The ease and speed of setup and service helps decrease downtime so that you can quickly get your facility back up and running.

The competitively priced replaceable quick-change filters are aligned vertically within the system for greater filtration efficiency and ease of maintenance. The vertical positioning of the filters allows for increased filter life as gravity does its part while the filters undergo incremental automatic filter cleaning.

Please take a moment to view the Prism maintenance video here.

Lincoln Electric’s fume management team possesses the knowledge, expertise and design acumen to create customized applications for each specific customer and need. Feel free to reach out to one of our sales specialists for a proposal. The team consists of Paul Hannen, Matt Lehman, Mike Clemente and Steve Hill. The team can be reached at (888) 935-3878 Option 4

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Brian Woodford 

Product Manager – Environmental Products Group

The Lincoln Electric Company

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