32 Foot Long Trailer

32 Foot Long Trailer
by Dwayne Rombs of Fairview, Alberta, Canada

Dwayne is the proud owner of several Lincoln Electric welders:

    Vantage® 300 engine drives (2)
    POWER MIG® 350MP Wire Feeder / Welder
    Invertec® V205-T AC/DC TIG welder

He made good use of the Vantage® 300's stick welding capabilities to fabricate this 32 foot long trailer. Dwayne welded most of the project with AWS E7018 stick electrode and the rest with AWS E6010 stick electrode. He built the whole trailer himself, including the wiring.


Building a 32 foot long trailer

Dwayne has used the trailer to haul a 16,000 lb. front-wheel assist tractor, as well as a 18,000 lb. load of seed for his nephews who are farmers.



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