Aluminum Boat

Todd Rightmire, Career and Technical Education Director at Mt. Baker High School in Deming, WA built a 16' x 6' beam aluminum boat in his Advanced Metals class.

The project was mostly completed by the time school got out, but painting and touch ups were done during the summer before their local fair. 

The project received Grand Champion Ag Mechanics project at the Northwest Washington Fair. They also built a trailer for the boat. 

The boat is made with 5086 aluminum (1/8” and 3/8”) on the stern. Students used the school’s Lincoln Power MIG® 350MP welder with a Python push-pull gun.  They also used the Lincoln Precision TIG® 225 welder with a thumb controlled torch. They painted with a self-etching primer only and used a truck bed coating for the floor. 

This is the third boat built in the high school shop.


Aluminum Boat 

 Aluminum Boat  Aluminum Boat Aluminum Boat


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