Grinder Tool Rest

I recently purchased one of those nice wet wheel tool grinders but did not like the tool rest set up. Being an old shop teacher and maintaining my woodworking tools for many years the old fashion way, I wanted a tool rest that allowed me to sharpen tools with two distinctly different angles with the ability to return to the same angle with ease and reliability.

The only way I figured I could do this was to have two different inserts for the basic tool rest stand.

I used 1-inch and 1-1/4" pipe because they telescope into each other. The rest of the metal pieces came from scraps of 1/4" plate, thin wall 1/2" square tubing and 1/4" rod. I used my Lincoln® Weld-Pak® 175HD (current model is Weld-Pak® 180HD) to make the welds of the 1/2" nuts to the 1-1/4" pipe and several other welds between two different thickness metals with great ease.




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