Locomotive Garden Art

Jay Gafford of Attleboro, Massachusetts has been welding for over 35 years. He put this experience to good use when he built a replica steam locomotive using his new Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 180C wire feeder welder. When complete, the locomotive will be proudly displayed in Jay's garden.
The train is made from various-sized tanks, old railroad spikes, 10 lb. weights, a motorcycle muffler and air filter, pipe wrenches, old chain, golf clubs, and anything else that was hanging around Jay's shop. There is a working clock in the front and a smoky oil lamp in the engine's smoke stack.
Jay reports welding the engine was a breeze with the 208/230V input POWER MIG® 180C. He selected .035-inch diameter self-shielded flux-cored wire primarily since he would be welding outdoors.
Jay has an interest in aluminum welding and is looking to add a Magnum® 100SG spool gun to the POWER MIG® package in the near future.
See more of Jay's metal art on his Facebook page.




*The above project images and descriptions have been published to show how individuals used their ingenuity for their own needs, convenience and enjoyment. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility.