Metal Moose

Metal Moose
by Jason Tucker of Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada

Jason runs a small CNC plasma cutting and welding shop under the name Devlin Metal Works. The shop mostly does custom metal art.

The body and antler for the moose were designed using CAD software. The body was then divided into four equally-sized pieces and cut out using a Torchmate® 2x2™ CNC table. The antlers were cut from scrap. The pieces were TIG welded together using the shop's Lincoln Electric Idealarc® 250 welder with scratch start DC TIG and AWS ER70S-2 filler wire.

Jason stick welded two pieces of small diameter steel rebar with 3/32 inch AWS E7018 stick electrode to two of the legs so the moose could be mounted in the ground. All welds were ground and feathered before priming and painting.

The finished moose is four feet tall and Jason reports the customer was happy with the end result.



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