Nature-Themed Fire Pit

One of Craig Ramsay's projects is this fire pit featuring silhouettes of a leaping deer, buffalo, butterflies and jumping fish looking to feast on a large insect.
The fire pit's outside diameter is 4-foot x 4-foot. Craig plans to make an adjustable grill to fit under the top so he can use the fire pit as a BBQ too.
After taking a welding class at the Murfreesboro, Tennessee Technology Center, Craig purchased a previously owned Lincoln Electric Ranger® 8 engine driven welder (current model is Ranger® 225) and a new Lincoln Electric PRO-MIG® 180 wire feeder welder for turning his project ideas into reality.
Craig says "Welding is an absolute blast of fun and just plain joyful from my perspective. Thanks Lincoln for such terrific machines."


 Nature-Themed Fire Pit  Nature-Themed Fire Pit