New Glory Flag Bike

New Glory Flag Bike
by William Fischer
I really like the iWeld newsletter and look forward to the projects and new products. I have been using two Lincoln Electric MIG welders, a SP-170T and a Power MIG® 255C for several years now. Hopefully I'll be getting a TIG unit soon.

I've been a hobbyist woodworker for about 30 years, but have only begun metalworking in about the last 10 years. I like to build things, and the New Glory Flag Bike is the latest project me and the team have built using Lincoln Electric products.
The bike came about as a tribute to those that have given their all, or close to it, while serving in the military. The bike inspiration came after a ride to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC last year.
The framework for the flags is steel conduit, MIG welded together, with metal slugs inside the conduit for strength. It has a powder coat finish for durability and aesthetics. The bike carries 50 U.S. flags, 10 of which are 3 ft x 5 ft in size; the others are smaller.

As for the team, most of us are retired. We enjoy participating in local events, and are slowly building up to some national events as well.
See additional photos of the New Glory Flag Bike.



*The above project images and descriptions have been published to show how individuals used their ingenuity for their own needs, convenience and enjoyment. Only limited details are available and the projects have NOT been engineered by the Lincoln Electric Company. Therefore, when you use the ideas for projects of your own, you must develop your own details and plans and the safety and performance of your work is your responsibility.