Welding a Shepard's Hook

Welding a Shepard's Hook
by Carole Del Vecchio of Enfield, Connecticut


Welding a Shepard's Hook Carole Del Vecchio is an instructor in the Welding Technologies Department at Asnuntuck Community College (ACC) located in Enfield, Connecticut. She wanted to try some "artistic" welding and the Shepherd's Hook pictured here is the end result.

Carole said one of her students dared her to make the leaves from scratch. Accepting the dare, Carole carefully researched grape leaf configurations and after selecting ones to model, she formed the leaves from mild steel sheet metal.

The grapes are made from large nuts with ¼-inch round bar spaces in the middle surrounded by TIG weld (made using a Lincoln Electric Precision TIG® 225). Carole overheated the grapes to get the purple coloring.

She made the scrolls with the department's ever-faithful Hossfeld Universal® bender.

Carole reports that the Shepherd's Hook is mounted on the school's welding shop wall and it serves as a testimony to the ACC Welding Technologies Department slogan: "The only limitation is your imagination."


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 Welding a Shepard's Hook  Welding a Shepard's Hook  Welding a Shepard's Hook



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