Steel Lattice

Steel Lattice
by Chad Jans

My father and I recently completed replacing an old wood lattice by my parent's backyard patio with one made of steel.

We made the frame for the lattice from square tube and welded 2-inch x 2-inch square wire mesh to the face of the tube structure.

Getting the 8 ft x 8 ft structure to stand straight and plum was a challenge, but it turned out quite nice.  The lattice is attached to the patio roof and concrete posts in the ground.

Instead of painting it, we are letting the lattice rust naturally and plan to apply a clear coat finish to it when the color is just right.

We welded the steel lattice using my "optioned out" Lincoln Electric POWER MIG® 215 that is complete with a Magnum® 300 MIG Gun, Magnum® SG Spool Gun and Dual Cylinder Kit.

Using Lincoln Electric equipment made this project a pleasure to complete and we are looking forward to the next one!


Steel Lattice


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