Steel Saguaro

Steel Saguaro
by Lisa Witworth

Lisa made this saguaro cactus by welding together over 3,000 3/4-inch nuts. The cactus stands six feet tall.

She started by welding the nuts in a ring and then threading each ring on 5/8 inch bars. The bars were welded vertically to a 12-inch x 12-inch plate. The whole cactus was welded to a 6 ft. x 4 ft. 1/2-inch plate.

Finally, Lisa installed rope lights inside the cactus for nighttime display.

The project took her several months to complete. Lisa used her Weld-Pak® 140 HD wire feeder welder and the MIG welding process for the majority of the work (welding the cactus to the base plate was done by a friend who has a welder with more output).


Steel Saguaro


Steel Saguaro   Steel Saguaro


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