Steel Sailboat

My wife and I built a 42 ft. long sailboat out of steel. It took four years from start to launch. A brass band even helped us with the launch!

We used a Lincoln SP-175 wire feeder welder (current model is POWER MIG® 180C), a tri-mix gas, and many spools of .045 diameter solid MIG wire.

Using the Lincoln SP-175 MIG machine with its new technology was far different than the old wire machines that I was used to. I would put roll after roll of wire into this machine and it would not break down; I could hardly believe how consistent the welds were. It was so easy to use that I was able to teach my wife to weld.

I just bought an Invertec® V155-S TIG Ready-Pak® and have not had much of a chance to use it, although I did test it out and it seems to weld very smoothly. I have great hopes for this little machine.  


Steel Sailboat


 Steel Sailboat Steel Sailboat 


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