Toilet Cart

Glenn Pourteau of Santa Fe, Texas describes his toilet cart.

"My son and I had wanted to build a toilet cart for several years and originally thought a Go-Cart with a toilet mounted on it would be the way to go. However, I eventually dismissed that idea since I would have limited control of the cart or perhaps none at all.

"Later we came across a motorized wheel chair and started with that. We cut it down to just the wheel portion and built a new base on which to mount the running gear and controls. We added a plywood floor complete with bathroom floor tile. Then we mounted the toilet and ran tons of wiring to make it all work.

"The toilet cart has green ground effects, red and green LEDs shining up on the bowl, flashing green strobes on the sides of the tank, and air horns. This was a really cool ride for the local Christmas parade. We used a Lincoln® Weld-Pak® 100 to do the welding. Thanks."



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