Wall Clock

Wall Clock
by Paul Via

Paul Via wanted a large clock to hang on the fireplace chimney in his home. He decided a 30-inch diameter wall clock project would be a great way to give his Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 140HD wire feeder welder a workout.

He used 1/4-inch round mild steel rod for the inner and outer circles and 5/16-inch round rod for the numbers. The center housing was cut from 4-inch exhaust pipe and the lid was cut from sheet steel. Four 1/8-inch steel rods attach the inner and outer circles to the clock center.

The hands and movement were purchased; a single "C" cell battery powers the mechanism.

The clock was finished with semi-gloss black paint.

Paul wrote, "It's difficult to express in words the amount of enjoyment I get from using the welder. I only wish I had discovered welding many years ago."