Metal Welding Table II

Metal Welding Table II
by Alan O'Kell of Titusville, Florida

Alan built a welding table using the instructions detailed in our "How to Build a Metal Welding Table" article, but customized the table to his own liking with the following modifications. He owns a Lincoln Electric SP-135 Plus wire feeder welder (current model is POWER MIG® 140C).

I made the bottom frame and shelf 1/4 inch shorter on both sides to compensate for the 1/8 inch thick angle iron, which resulted in the legs forming a perfect right angle to the table top and bottom shelf.

I substituted two adjustable flat pads for wheels on the long side of the table. This change makes the table very stable and there's no need to deal with brakes on the wheels.

I welded handles at a comfortable height so as to move the table. The handles have a cross piece which allows a standard size stainless steel mud pan to rest in that spot for pliers, steel brushes, etc. The pan simply sits in the rectangular opening and is removable.

I welded the gun holder on the left side because I'm left handed.

I welded a J hook from 1 inch flat bar to the back right side to hold the ground clamp (not pictured).

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Metal Welding Table


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