Window Well Covers

Chris Dicamillo wanted something to keep children and animals from falling into the basement window wells at his home. The openings are fairly large – 6-feet by 3-feet and about 4.5-feet deep – which made finding commercially available covers difficult. Chris received some very expensive quotes for custom covers and since he needed a total of four, he decided to make them himself.

Chris used a large piece of cardboard as a template to create the basic design. The frame and braces are angle iron and the surface is flattened expanded steel mesh with 3/4-inch openings. He cut all the pieces using a reciprocating saw and then welded them together using a Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak® 100 wire feeder welder.

After fabrication was completed, each window well cover was washed with citrus degreaser and then protected with two coats of dark bronze hammered metal paint.