E7018 H4R - What Does the H4R Mean?

The E7018 welding rods I've been buying are now marked E7018 H4R. What does the H4R mean?

Are these rods different than the E7018 rods I've used before?

H4R is an optional supplementary designator, as defined in AWS A5.1-91 (Specification for shielded metal arc welding electrodes). Basically, the number after the "H" tells you the hydrogen level and the "R" means it's moisture resistant.

"H4" identifies electrodes meeting the requirements of 4ml average diffusible hydrogen content in 100g of deposited weld metal when tested in the "as-received" condition.

"R" identifies electrodes passing the absorbed moisture test after exposure to an environment of 80ºF(26.7ºC) and 80% relative humidity for a period of not less than 9 hours.

The H4R suffix is basically just additional information printed on the rod, and does not necessarily mean a change in an electrode previously marked E7018.