Ready-Pak Benefits

As a business owner, equipment buyer or distributor, have you ever:

    Purchased a component that was incompatible with the power source or wire feeder?

    Forgotten to order a necessary part?

    Ordered the wrong product by mistake?

   Left something off of the order?

    Ran out of time when trying to assemble a new welding system for a customer on deadline?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Ready-Pak™ pre-assembled welding packages from The Lincoln Electric Company will save you time, increase order accuracy, and boost your overall productivity. That is because these packages are designed to take the guesswork out of specifying and ordering welding systems. In addition, these systems take the hassle out of the assembly process to make your life easier!

A large number of packages – offering Stick, TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG and Flux-Cored welding capabilities – are available that contain components sized and configured to function together properly. Assembled at the Lincoln Electric factory, Ready-Pak packages come crated and contain everything needed to begin welding immediately – just insert welding wire and hook up the gas, where appropriate, and your customer is ready to start producing. Plus, by purchasing a welding system as a package, you save money…money that can be applied to your bottom line or passed on to your customer if you choose.


Ready-Paks: Distributors and Customers Benefits








Distributor Advantages

Specifying and Configuring is Simplified
When a customer is looking for a new welding system, a distributor spends an average of two hours interviewing the customer about their needs and specifying a welding package to fit those needs. This includes the time spent combing through the price book trying to put the package together and making sure all the needed parts are included on the order. And, if a distributor sells products from more than one manufacturer, this may further complicate the specifying process on any one line. To a distributor, time is money - those two hours spent on one customer order means less time for other orders that day.

But not only is time an issue, accuracy is an even more important issue. For instance, to order a welding system a distributor needs to specify the weld cable and be able to determine the length of cable, connector type on each end and size of cable (based on how much current it will carry). These same elements need to be specified for the control cable - and they both must match up. In addition to the cables, a full welding system needs a work lead, gun, gun bushing and drive roll kit, among other things. To order, a distributor needs to look up all the item numbers for these components and write out the order.

 Ready-Paks: Distributors and Customers Benefits







It's easy to see how a mistake can easily be made in the process - either by the distributor not knowing the correct components to specify or by inadvertently writing down the wrong order numbers. In either case, the result is an unhappy customer.

Ready-Pak packages can are be ordered with only one catalog number, when the usual welding system requires 10 or more numbers. They are delivered with everything needed for a complete welding system in one crate – power source, wire feeder, gun, work clamp, drive roll kit, gun bushing as well as control, weld and work cables. Most Ready-Pak systems also come with a trailer or undercarriage, gas regulator for MIG as well as sample packages of wire or stick electrodes in some cases. With these packages, the distributor will not only save time in the order process, but will never have to worry about an order showing up that is incorrect…and having to make that uncomfortable call to the customer begging forgiveness.

  Ready-Paks: Distributors and Customers Benefits








Assembly is Already Complete
Usually a welding system will arrive to a distributor location in 15 or more boxes, meaning that the distributor has to do all the assembly. For a distributor not familiar with a particular system, he or she will have to consult the manual, figure out the proper configuration method and even supply the necessary bolts and other parts that may have not been included in the box. In total, a distributor usually spends two or more hours putting just one system together.

On the other hand, Ready-Pak systems are pre-assembled and connected in the factory by trained Lincoln experts. Lincoln has devoted one area of its building specifically for this purpose and has brought in lifts, cranes and other equipment that ensure a professionally assembled system. The company even goes a step further by putting these systems into a special shipping crate that is easy to knock down once it is received for protection and ease of portability.

 Ready-Paks: Distributors and Customers Benefits






For distributors who usually don’t do the assembly, but pass that responsibility down to their customers, purchasing Ready-Pak pre-assembled systems means they are providing a value-added service to the customer. And, it also ensures that a distributor won’t get stuck with a shipment missing components. In fact, Lincoln Electric ensures stock on its Ready-Pak systems and has even made a commitment to guarantee delivery.

So, if a distributor would total the amount of time spent in specifying, configuring, ordering and assembly, at least four to five hours can be saved with these new systems - and in the distributor business, time is money!


End User Benefits
We’ve discussed the advantages to the distributor, but what benefits can be passed on to the end-use customer? Ready-Pak packages are often offered at a discount so that the package is priced lower than if all the individual components were purchased separately. These savings can be passed on to the customer.

In addition, by ordering one of these welding packages, a customer will be assured of accuracy and an error-free process - obtaining all of the correct components and receiving them all at the same time (without back-ordered items). For a customer having the right system to start a job is invaluable.


Ready-Pak systems are available in the following welder categories:

Stick Welding (Engine-Driven) Packages

TIG Welding Packages

MIG Welding Packages

Waveform Control Technology Welding Packages


Lincoln’s Ready-Pak systems take the guesswork out of selecting the correct components, are sized and configured as a system, contain all the necessary parts required, are assembled by factory personnel, ship right to your door and our economical.