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Excalibur® 410NiMo-16

Excalibur 7018-A1 MR

AWS: E410NiMo-16

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Top Features

  • This electrode can be used to overlay mild and low alloy steels
  • Preheat and inter-pass temperatures greater than 300°F (150°C) are recommended during welding
  • Post-weld heat treatment should not exceed 1150°F (620°C) as higher temperatures may result in hardening

Typical Applications

  • Turbines
  • Valve Bodies
  • High Pressure Piping
  • Offshore
  • Power Generation
  • Welding CAGNM Stainless Steel

Welding Positions

All, except vertical down

Consumable Details

Diameter (mm)
Product Number
10 lb Easy Open Can (30 lb Master)
10 lb Easy Open Can (30 lb Master)
  • AWS A5.4/A5.4M: 2012: E410NiMo-16
  • ASME SFA-A5.4: E410NiMo-16