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Lincolnweld® 2209

Lincolnweld 308/308L Stainless

AWS: ER2209

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Top Features

  • The welds offer excellent resistance to stress corrosion, cracking and pitting
  • The microstructure of the weld metal consists of austenite and ferrite
  • The ferrite content of the weld metal will be lower than the ferrite content of type 2205 base metal
  • Welding of duplex stainless steels calls for controlled welding parameters to achieve specified mechanical and corrosion resistant properties

Typical Applications

  • Offshore
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Used to weld duplex stainless steels such as (Type 2205)

Special Features

Consumable Details

Diameter (mm)
Product Number
55 lb Steel Spool
55 lb Steel Spool
  • AWS A5.9/A5.9M: 2006: ER2209
  • ISO 14343: 2009: (22 9 3 N L)
Product Number
Product Name
Lincolnweld® P2000™