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Lincolnweld® 309LMo_MOD

Lincolnweld 308/308L Stainless


AWS: Similar to ER309LMo

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Top Features

  • Similar to 309 with the exception for the addition of 2.0-3.0% molybdenum to increase its pitting corrosion resistance in halide-containing environments
  • Surfacing of base metals to improve their resistance to corrosion
  • Used to achieve a single-layer overlay with a chemical composition similar to that of a 316L stainless steel

Typical Applications

Used for the first layer of multilayer overlays with filler metals such as 316L or 317L stainless steel

Special Features

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Diameter (mm)
Product Number
55 lb Steel Spool
  • Similar to AWS A5.9/A5.9M: 2006: ER309LMo
  • ISO 14343: 2009: (23 12 2 L)
Product Number
Product Name
Lincolnweld® P2000™
Lincolnweld® P2007™