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Lincolnweld® P2007™ (Flux) & 309/309L (Wire)

Lincolnweld 308/308L Stainless

AWS: ER309, ER309L

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Top Features

  • Designed to weld stainless steel to mild or low alloy steel
  • Produces sound welds with excellent slag removal and bead appearance
  • Designed combination to recover nearly all of the wire chromium in the deposit
  • Balanced ferrite level for high resistance to hot cracking
  • Low carbon content to reduce risk of sensitization of the weld

Typical Applications

Nuclear reactor vessels and other components

Welding Positions

Not applicable

Consumable Details

Diameter (mm)
Product Number
50 lb Plastic Bag
55 lb Steel Spool
ASME IX Qualification: QW432 F-No 6, QW442 A-No 8