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Magnum® PRO AL Pistol Water - K3479-1,-2

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Top Features

  • Superior Push-Pull Wire Feeding Technology
  • Quick-Change Liner
  • Magnum® PRO Expendables
  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Handle
  • Recessed Adjustment Dial


MIG, Pulsed MIG for Aluminum

Wire Diameter Range

0.035 - 1/16 in (0.9 - 1.6 mm) Aluminum Wire
0.035 - 0.045 in (0.9 - 1.2 mm) Steel Wire


Equipment Details


The new Magnum® PRO AL Pistol Grip models are designed to optimize a push-pull welding operation for aluminum by integrating features that will reduce downtime.


  • Superior push-pull wire feeding technology – Reduces friction in the wire feed path, resulting in smooth feeding and minimizing damage to the wire.
  • Quick-Change Liner – Simply remove the liner nut to easily access the liner.
  • Magnum® PRO expendables – Utilizes common expendables with all Magnum® PRO MIG Guns. 550A expendables are standard with the Magnum® PRO AL.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic handle – Intended for heavy duty work but light in weight with a well-balanced pistol grip to fit in either hand.
  • Recessed adjustment dial – Conveniently located at the rear of the handle to prevent a change while welding.
  • Removable drive roll cover – Easy access to wire and drive rolls.



Duty Cycle at Rated Amperage 60%
Rated Amperage
  • 320
Gun Type
  • Push Pull
Wire Diameter 0.035 - 1/16 in (0.9 - 1.6 mm) Aluminum Wire
0.035 - 0.045 in (0.9 - 1.2 mm) Steel Wire
  • Water cooled