Guaranteed Cost Reduction (GCR)

Guaranteed Cost Reduction 

Introducing GCR from Lincoln Electric.
Lower Welding Costs - Guaranteed
GCR embodies Lincoln Electric's commitment to the fabrication industry. It's a program that lets you tap into Lincoln's world-class welding expertise to boost the efficiency and profitability of your welding operations.

A Lincoln GCR team carefully examines your operations, develops new welding solutions specific to your  
  applications and projects costs savings that should result from those new approaches

A GCR contract guarantees those savings in writing - you agree to implement the Lincoln GCR solutions and Lincoln 
  agrees to write you a check for the difference if the savings don't materialize

GCR Means Effective, Custom-fit Welding Solutions
Because Lincoln brings its world-class welding expertise to bear on every GCR challenge, results can be truly dramatic. Fabricators who have taken advantage of GCR are benefiting from lower operating costs, higher quality and increased productivity. And they'll continue to reap those benefits year after year after year.

Solutions customized to fit your realities and your objectives
Automation solutions, electrode solutions, power source solutions
Integrated technology and process solutions

High Potential Rewards, Zero Risk
GCR offers a no-risk opportunity to leverage Lincoln's world-class welding expertise to make your company more productive and efficient.

Qualifying companies pay nothing for the Lincoln GCR audit, analysis or strategy development
The cost savings projected by our GCR team are guaranteed in writing
The Lincoln GCR team stays with you every step of the way - helping with staffing, equipment and consumable 
  decisions, start-up, training and monitoring

Real Savings, Long Term Results
GCR is for companies that are serious about process improvement and the pursuit of lean manufacturing.

GCR brings world-class welding expertise to bear on every aspect of your welding operations - equipment,
  consumables, staffing and work-flow patterns

The resulting welding strategy for your company offers sustainable, long-term advantages that can translate to 
  significant opportunities and a stronger bottom line

Does your company qualify for a free GCR assessment? Contact your Lincoln Electric representative or 
call 216-383-8172.