Lincoln Electric Adds Flextec™ 450 Racks to Line of Inverter Rack Systems

Lincoln Electric Adds Flextec™ 450 Racks to Line of Inverter Rack Systems

06 Dec 2010

Cleveland – The Lincoln Electric Company has added four pack and six pack Flextec™ 450 racks to the company’s line of inverter rack systems. The Flextec 450 is a multi process inverter based power source, capable of providing 500 amps of welding power for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and FCAW welding. Inverter racks are also available for the Invertec® V350-PRO and Invertec V275-S welding power sources.

All of Lincoln Electric’s inverter racks can be used in a variety of applications including the construction industry, power generation projects, schools and unions. The Flextec 450 racks are ideal for welding operations that need to group several inverter power sources into a portable system. Transportation of this rack system is made easy with two overhead lifting eyes, two fork lift slots and an optional caster kit.

The Flextec 450 racks can be operated and stored outdoors as the products conform to the IP23 rating, which is an international standard for protection of electrical enclosures against solid objects. These racks also feature a weather-proof electrical panel with a lockable main disconnect switch.

The Flextec 450 products are factory installed on the racks and wired to the main power distribution panel. These inverter rack systems are constructed in a way that allows for the welding machines to be connected with one primary power drop. Each inverter rack meets National Electrical Code (NEC), a U.S. regulation for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

With the latest inverter technology the Flextec 450 provides measurable advantages over conventional welders, including faster arc response for smoother arc action with more consistent bead appearance, as well as low power consumption for reduced daily operational costs. This welding power source is able to produce 450 amps of welding power at 60% duty cycle and 400 amps at 100% duty cycle.

The inverter rack systems for the Flextec 450, Invertec V350-PRO and Invertec V275-S are available at local welding distributors. Call (888) 355-3213 or visit to obtain bulletin E5.92 to learn more.