Frost and Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award Conferred for Best Practices

Frost and Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement Award Conferred on Lincoln Electric for Best Practices

29 Sep 2010

Award Recognizes Companies for Overcoming Key Challenges within their Industry

Cleveland – Frost and Sullivan, a global research and growth consulting firm, honored Lincoln Electric with a Customer Value Enhancement Award for best practices in the world pipeline industry related to welding equipment and consumables.

This award recognizes companies that address and meet the key challenges in their respective industry. Based upon Frost and Sullivan’s CEO 360 Degree Perspective research, Lincoln Electric has developed valuable relationships with engineering, procurement and construction company contractors. The company also provides other value-added services, including technical expertise and competitive pricing – services that are essential for welding equipment and consumables manufacturers.

Lincoln Electric has continued to develop these relationships and service customers with cost-effective solutions, even during the economic recession. Through the development of competitive and quality products, the company continues to enhance its brand name by meeting customers’ challenges.

Lincoln Electric’s longtime devotion to research and development of welding equipment and consumables sets the company apart as an innovator in the industry. Other strengths that have earned Lincoln Electric this designation include continuous upgrades of its existing product portfolio, a wide distribution network, a unique growth strategy and strong customer support, as well as an increasing market share.

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