Why Buy a Generator Just For a Storm?

Why Buy a Generator Just For a Storm?

09 Feb 2012


When storm season approaches, many home owners begin to think of buying a generator to power lights, tools and essentials when electricity is cut off.

While you still have time, consider this – If you invest in a Lincoln Electric welder / generator, you can power those devices AND use the same tool to build and repair almost anything around the house, farm, ranch or small shop or site.


Welder Generators

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For some, the hardest part is determining which Lincoln Electric Bulldog®, Outback® or Ranger® model is right for their needs and environment.

You can refer to this article on Choosing a Tube Frame Engine Drive to help you get started.

Take a moment to review the basic AC Generator power, welding capability, engine type and dimensions in the chart below. Click on a welder model name below to dig deeper into the specs and features for any model.

Engine Driven Welder Models

Welder Generators Models Table Bulldog 5500Outback 145Outback 185Ranger 225Ranger 250 GXTRanger 305 GRanger 305 D