Educational Training Equipment

training Equipment
Lincoln Electric offers the welding instructor and educator the right tools to bridge the manufacturing skills gap.  These equipment packages are designed to meet your welding training needs. Select from a variety of solutions from virtual welding to weld fume extraction to robotic welding.
Education Training Equipment
VRTEX™ 360


The VRTEX® from Lincoln Electric is a VRAW™, Virtual Reality Arc Welding training solution. It puts effective and efficient welding training in the hands of the instructor in a classroom, mobile welding training and blended welding training environment.  It does not replace welding training, it supplements and enhances the welding instructor’s ability to attract and engage students during their education programs in a cost effective method.

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REALWELD® Weld Training Solutions

Regardless of the training environment, new students need consistent guidance when learning and practicing welding techniques and positions. The REALWELD Trainer delivers guidance, tracking and more to enhance understanding and technique development.

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Education Cell


Lincoln Electric® and offers advanced manufacturing training solutions for our educational partners.  With automated welding transforming manufacturing today, our complete offering of robotic welding training solutions focus on enhancing the ability to train students on robotic programming and welding techniques and skills. Our goal is to help welding, robotic and manufacturing technology instructors and students to develop the skills necessary to thrive in an advanced manufacturing environment.

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Power Wave® C300 Education Ready-Pak


The Power Wave® C300 offers the welding instructor an advanced, compact, multi-process power source with an integrated wire feeder. It is fully equipped for welding GMAW, SMAW and GTAW.  It is ideal package for training welding on a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless, and nickel materials – on a welding platform that fabrication and manufacturing locations are using today.

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Welding Booth


The Lincoln Electric Welding Booth is ideal for use in stationary production welding applications, vocational centers, and training facilities. It can be configured with shelving, brackets, hooks, lighting, and air/gas connections to meet the needs of the welding operator or student. Source extraction weld fume control can be easily integrated into the booth, with an extraction arm and connection to a Central System.

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Central Fume Extraction


Lincoln Electric offers a variety of fume extraction systems for source capture applications, such as schools, training locations, and welding booths. A central fume extraction system is an ideal solution to address welding fume removal in educational environments and manufacturing plants that require multiple station drops. 

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Educational Plasma Packages


Lincoln Electric Cutting Systems offer Torchmate packages offering their state-of-the-art, affordable, robotic metal cutting machinery to for training programs.  This provides the instructors and teachers with a real world tool to teach design and manufacturing skills to the next generation of airplane builders, automobile manufacturers and engineers.

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