Basic Plate and Sheet Metal

Basic Plate and Sheet Metal

Course Description
Designed to instruct welders in arc welding safety and the Shielded Metal Arc Welding process (SMAW - Stick). The course lasts six weeks, involving approximately 180 hours of booth instruction, lecture and practice.


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Course Content
Week 1
Introduction to welding safety and electrodes: types, selection, classification and qualification.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 25, Class: 5

Week 2
Discussion of power source: types, selection and duty cycle as well as cable sizing, arc blow and welding symbols.
Week 2 Welding Test
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 26, Class: 4

Week 3
Discussion of electrodes: advantages, limitations, vertical up vs. vertical down in addition to certification and qualification test training.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 27, Class: 3

Week 4
Discussion of non-destructive testing, fillet gauge use and weld size determination as well as a review of low hydrogen electrode procedures and techniques.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 28, Class: 2

Week 5
Practicing all of the manipulative arc welding techniques learned during the prior four weeks.
Week 5 Welding Test. Final Exam and Evaluation
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 29, Class: 1

Week 6
Introduction to oxyfuel safety and oxyfuel processes: cutting and welding. Welding done on bevel plates with E7018; stringers vs. weave.
30 Clock Hours: Lab: 29, Class: 1

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2016 Course Dates:
February 15 - March 25
March 28 -  May 6
May 9 - June 17
August 1 - September 9
September 12 - October 21
October 24 - December 2