Basic Submerged Arc Welding

Basic Submerged Arc Welding

Course Description
Designed to instruct welding personnel in arc welding safety and the submerged arc welding process (SAW). This course lasts one week, involving approximately 30 hours of booth instruction, lecture and practice. Class size is limited to seven students.


Course Content

  • Arc welding safety for SAW process
  • Learn fundamentals of SAW
  • Conventional SAW systems will be used, including the NA-3, NA-5, LT-7, DC-600 and DC-1000
  • Weld with single and twin wire equipment systems
  • Wire and flux applications, polarity and troubleshooting of weld defects are discussed

Please Note: Specialists will be made available to discuss your particular needs from equipment and consumables to design.

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2016 Course Dates:
March 21-25