Welding Guns and Torches

​​​ Semiautomatic Welding Guns TIG Torches

Magnum® semiautomatic welding guns are available in a variety of models for special process applications. Magnum® PRO guns are built for high amperage, high duty cycle applications where heat-resistance is key.

PRO-Torch premium air-cooled and water-cooled TIG torch models are light and easy to use with the power of maximum versatility and maneuverability. Available with several amperage ratings.


 Spool Push Pull Welding Guns Innershield Welding Guns

Magnum®​ spool guns are professional grade solutions for feeding small spools of aluminum and steel wire. ​Cougar™ push-pull guns have an upright pistol-grip design for aluminum welding fabrication or production environments. Magnum® PRO AL models optimize a push-pull welding operation by integrating features that will reduce downtime. 


Innershield® semiautomatic flux-cored, self-shielded (FCAW-S) welding guns and cable assemblies are rugged and reliable, yet lightweight, flexible and maneuverable. Amperage ranges from 250 to 600 amps.

 Robotic MIG Welding Guns  Specialty Welding Guns

Magnum® PRO Robotic guns produce a consistent high performing arc and come in the Thru-Arm or External Dress model. AutoDrive SA is a high performance aluminum servo torch solution for welding aluminum parts robotically.

Magnum® PRO fume extraction guns are designed to stand up to high productivity fabrication and production environments. Submerged arc welding guns are rated 600 amps for 5/64" and 3/32" solid electrode and include a flux valve interlock switch and receptacle for hand travel unit.

 Plasma Torches 

Plasma torches for Tomahawk plasma cutters are available as hand and machine replacements.