Flexcut Plasma Torch Consumables

Flexcut torch consumables are available for the Flexcut 80 and Flexcut 125. Parts include assemblies for nozzles, inner and outer retaining caps, electrode assemblies, shield caps, and swirl rings. These consuambles provide faster cut speeds, less edge bevel, better cut quality and performance, and longer consumable life.
Flexcut Torch Consumables
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Product Number
Product Name
Electrode (45-125A) (LC125M) - 5/Pack

Nozzle (105A) (LC125M) - 5/Pack

Nozzle (125A) (LC125M) - 5/Pack

Swirl Ring (45A-125A) (LC125M) - 2/Pack

Retaining Cap (45A-125A) (LC125M)

Retaining Cap (45A-125A) Ctp (LC125M)

Front isolator assembly

Shield Cap (45-65A) (LC125M) - 2/Pack

Shield Cap (85A-105A-125A) (LC125M) - 2/Pack

Nozzle (45A) (LC125M) - 5/Pack

Nozzle (65A) (LC125M) - 5/Pack

Nozzle (85A) (LC125M) - 5/Pack

1-12 Of 12