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From VRTEX® virtual reality welding simulation trainers and REALWELD® trainers to training-targeted robotic cells to fume control systems – learn how Lincoln Electric can help you train the next generation of welders.

Classes and Events

Every day, every week, in Cleveland, Ohio or at a location near you, Lincoln Electric instructors are ready to help you understand how to work faster and smarter in the classroom, understand new technologies or review your approach to traditional training.

Tips and Tricks

Explore the many features of your Lincoln Electric education training products to be most effective in your learning environment.


Have a question? Many common inquiries regarding VRTEX or REALWELD installation and operation are answered here.

Research Studies

Examine a series of third party independent research studies designed to determine the effect of virtual reality welding simulation training on student outcomes.

ROI Calculators

Using your own data, calculate the savings you will experience by adding a VRTEX® or Weld Fume Control system to your school program.

Case Studies

See for yourself how other similar schools or companies used Lincoln Electric products or services to enhance their operations.

In the News

Don’t take our word for it. Check out third party articles from the business and trade press on our education products & programs.


Browse our library of videos related to welding and cutting products, recommended practices, and operational instructions.

Process and Theory

Browse our library of articles designed to help you understand the objectives behind our products and technologies.

Process and Theory

Check back often for new welding and cutting curriculum, teaching aids, upgrades and fixtures.


U/LINC™ curriculum provides access to welding, cutting, robotic and advanced trainer lesson plans, presentations, and more.